Special one & me

Special one & me

This package is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with a woman who is special to you (mom, niece, aunt, sister, grandmother) in our unique spa.
In this package, we offer:

For the girl:
* Pick your nail polish for hands and feet.
* Pedicure which includes bubbly soaking, nail filing and applying nail polish lotion.
* Manicure which includes bubbly soaking, nail filing, polish and hand cream application.
* Your choice of amazing glitter tattoo.
* Loot bag of your choice (nail polish, candy, sticker, hair accessories, bath bombs).

For the special one:

* Manicure which includes nail filing, polish and hand cream, cuticle cutting, also NOTICE that we are using only natural nails NOT shellac.

* After the beauty treatments you will be served a  a sparkly drink with sweet dessert (fruits, cupcakes).

Details and Pricing

$169 + HST

Please contact us for pricing and package options.